Expungement Summit

time: 9am, 04/29/2017

location: Life Together Center

Representative Gordon-Booth's Expungement Summit began as an idea months before registration even opened. With the help and cooperation of many vendors, corporations, volunteers, and 60+ attoeys, people in Peoria were ready for their second chance. Despite the wind and rain, a long line of registrants formed before the doors even opened. After they checked in, the Life Together Center was flooded with hopeful people waiting for their free legal counsel. Representative Gordon-Booth and Supreme Justice Thomas Kilbride delivered words of encouragement to the over 400 attendants that day, and the healing began. One after another, people met with attoeys and took crucial steps to change their lives. The overwhelming energy of excitement and hope was felt by everyone present that day. It was truly a victory for the community, and Representative Gordon-Booth is confident that it will impact Peoria for years to come.